Little Pea, Big Hero

Super Chicharito at it Again

Just when everyone thought that Javier Hernandez couldn’t get any bigger in Europe a new story has been circuling the web that has gotten him more followers than ever. Reports say that Javier Hernandez walked into a store in England and was lost because of the language barrier and he couldn’t pronounce what he was looking for. A young lady that was working at the store at the time was very patient with him and decided to help him until he found exactly what he was looking for. “Chicharito” then began to make small talk and even offered her some money for being so helpful, something that is accustomed in Mexican culture. The young lady politely refused and out of some small talk let Hernandez know  that the she had a small child that was a huge fan of “Chicharito”. The lady, not knowing that she was speaking to her childs soccer hero, then parted ways with the superstar and began to work again.

It wasn’t until the lady got home that she realized who she had talked to earlier that day. She deeply apologized to her son after he exclaimed to her why she didn’t get him an autograph. The lady returned to her job the next day and found a package waiting for her in the front desk. When she opened it she found a Javier Hernandez Manchester United jersey and poster signed by the superstar. He left the top of the poster blank because he wanted for it to be personalized for the ladies son. She was so overwhelmed with joy that she went to the media to tell the great story of a great young man. With this story alone Javier Hernandez has sparked the likes of many more Manchester United and non-Manchester United fans. At this point it makes one wonder if these young man is even human.

After I read this story online, I couldn’t help but think of what great heart this young man has. It is really easy for someone to forget manners and let the stardom get to their heads after they are the talk of the world but this young man has shown time after time that he was raised right. Coming from very humble roots back in Mexico, Javier Hernandez has shown that he holds on to those and is a great example for many young aspiring soccer stars. Even though he isn’t perfect, the fact that people can’t seem to point any one single event that he has done that has been bad is definitely a good thing. Not many people would do the things that he has done and that is truly inspirational.

This story also made me reflect back on my Hispanic Marketing Proposal when I wrote about him. On that proposal I wrote that it was very important for him to have a good image with the public because a  lot of people expected him to fail. With these acts of kindness Javier Hernandez has shown no signs of weakness or stopping. He is determined to not only be the greatest soccer player but also a great person and role model. Once again, good job Mr. Javier Hernandez.


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